Saturday, May 5, 2012

We need to talk about Edeyn

So, there's this person on Ravelry called Edeyn. She posts a lot of "poor me, I'm so hard done by, I have so many troubles" type posts. They always seem to attract some sympathy, but also a small number of disagrees, and I was never too sure why.

Until a few days ago, when a little incident happened in a thread. It seemed to go unnoticed for a while, and then everything happened so quickly it was hard to keep up. It started in this thread 

Unfortunately, a lot of it has been deleted now, so I've had to reconstruct a lot of it with a little help from my friends and their screenshots.

Firstly, this happened:

To get the relevant back story, you'll need to click on this link  and read through a couple of links. You'll get the idea pretty quickly. Basically, Edeyn posed as a transkid called "Raychel Roo" and then faked her own horrible murder, to the great distress of the trans community. I'm not a part of this community, but the feeling I get from reading through some of the stuff is that she upset a lot of people with her antics. She eventually owned up, and blamed her actions on having multiple personality disorder.

Now she's on Ravelry, still seeking sympathy and attention, and really pissing off the people who know her backstory. Which lead to the above calling out.

This is where the fun REALLY began. Edeyn called in a friend/sockpuppet/third personality to defend her. A "MsDB", who created a profile hours after Edeyn was called out and headed straight for Wingnut Watch.

Here she is:

Apparently "MsDB" was so keen to defend Edeyn, she sent the Wingnut Watch mod shown above a barrage of messages containing her phone number, facebook page, links to her blog etc all to "prove" that she's a real person, demanding that said mod call her, and still defending Edeyn.  At this point the mod wussed out and deleted the lot (won't somebody think of the rubbernecking potential?)

For anyone who's interested, I was provided the following links:

MsDB's Facebook page

Her blog

Enjoy as you see fit.

So what should the people of Ravelry do about a person who has serious problems, and will unleash the crazy whenever anyone who calls her out? She obviously needs help, but no one on Ravelry can (or should) be the ones to provide that to her. She clearly revels in getting attention and causing dramas, and is happy to do or say anything to ramp it up.

I say, don't give her what she wants. She wants attention? Don't give it to her. She wants drama? Deny her the fun. Ravelry has the tools to put her on ignore. If we starve of her of what she wants, maybe she'll go away.