Monday, April 2, 2012

This is an official PSA

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, this blog is not hosted on Ravelry. That is the entire fucking point of its existence.

What does that mean? That it's not subject to the terms of use of Ravelry. They're very good terms of use, and when I'm on Ravelry, I comply with them.

Writing my opinion on the internet is not a crime. We all love free speech, don't we?

Because this blog post isn't very long, I'll post a picture that sums up how I feel.

I'll write better blog posts in the future. Promise.


  1. Bwa ha, are the crazies trying to claim your blog violates Rav's terms of service? That's... remarkably dumb, even for them!

  2. Yep! Brought to you by someone who claims to have a law degree. She's even bolded all the bits she thinks I violated, including breaking international law. I knew I shouldn't have started developing my own nuclear weapons...

  3. Well if you check out the rankings on the college she when to you will be able to understand why she isn't a lawyer at the moment and makes so many mistakes about law. This blog post kind of says it all

  4. Oh I think I know that lawyer. Is she the one that graduated from the Sally Struthers School of Law? LOL

  5. Is that group invitation only? I only ask, not because I want to join, but because I happened to notice I'm blocked from participating. I wondered if they blocked anyone undesirable.

  6. Maven - they blocked everyone who is a member of the Rubberneckers and Wingnut Watch groups. I've also discovered from a bit of digging that they may have also blocked members of the Yarn Harlot's fan group.