Sunday, April 8, 2012

The neverending quest for drama

I spent a bit of time recently looking at the stats for my blog. If you have Google Analytics set up, you can learn a surprising amount of information about your readers: what city they're in, what browser/OS/portable device they use, what ISP they use, what page they followed a link on to get here, and what search term they used to find your blog.

My readers seem to be mostly people on the hunt for dramas.

By far the most common search term that finds my blog is Lime and Violet. There are heaps of other variations on the same theme scattered all through the other 753 search terms that have been used. People REALLY want to know what happened to them. If you want to get a lot of attention on the internet, throw a massive hissy fit and then flounce off never to be seen again. The only way they could have got themselves more attention would have been by faking their own deaths.

The next most common search term that finds my blog is the Yarn Harlot, and her stalker. The Yarn Harlot explains herself exactly what happened there on her blog, but I guess people still can't resist find the stalker for themselves (it's not hard. I did it myself in seven seconds, and I'm not internet supersleuth).

One thing that did make me a little sad is that I discovered a couple of search terms along the lines of "What happened to the Yarn Harlot's family" or "Yarn Harlot's bad year". I know she mentioned having a rough time family-wise recently, but I didn't realise people were trying to dig up what happened. If she had wanted us to know what happened, she would have shared it. It's one thing to search for people showing their asses on the internet, but it's a whole other thing to pry into someone's personal life.

Those are the two biggest knitting-community wide dramas not including any yarn dyer who faked her death. I never bothered writing about Mystical Creations Yarn or MommaMonkey, so I don't know if people are still hunting for them. I guess I will soon ;)

The other search terms are mostly Ravelry-related dramas.  "Ravelry Rubberneckers", "Ravelry Bunker", "Ravelry Banned" are all common terms. There also seem to be a few people trying to figure out if you can tell who's clicking the disagree button (here's a hint: you can't). I guess we all have an impulse to take Ravelry-related dramas off Ravelry to vent. Sometimes it's just easier to say what you want somewhere else, isn't it?

My favorite search terms are the really odd ones:

I have NO IDEA what this means! I hope whoever you are, you found what you were looking for. 

These two really made me LOL: 

I think I might change my online name to this: 

Finally, I know you're all waiting for me to write about this, so here it is. About a week ago this happened  (inmyhands has edited her OP - it used to be a link to my blog). I realised I'd been "outed" when there was a sudden spike in visitors, and I gained about 10 new followers on Twitter.  She claimed that she was tracking people who followed the link, but I'm not sure how she could do that, apart from noticing who started following me on Twitter. I'm guessing she realised she was just giving me free advertising, which is why she took the link down.

A week later, the tiny amount of dust that was kicked up was settled and all I can say is "meh". The worst I endured was having a few people sit in their safe little echo chamber and essentially call me a doodyhead. I have not received any complaints, negative emails or requests to remove my blog from either TPTB at Ravelry or Blogger.  If the Freedom Fighters of America Group on Ravelry is any indication of the intelligence of the Republican Party, they are well and truly fucked.

Monday, April 2, 2012

This is an official PSA

For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet, this blog is not hosted on Ravelry. That is the entire fucking point of its existence.

What does that mean? That it's not subject to the terms of use of Ravelry. They're very good terms of use, and when I'm on Ravelry, I comply with them.

Writing my opinion on the internet is not a crime. We all love free speech, don't we?

Because this blog post isn't very long, I'll post a picture that sums up how I feel.

I'll write better blog posts in the future. Promise.