Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Potential for Crazy

Hey bitches! I've been in a pretty good mood lately, which is why this blog has been so quiet. I haven't had anything to bitch about!

Three quick things to check out if you're in the mood. First, the Yarn Harlot's stalker has pre-emptively made a anti-Harlot Canada Day post, and seems to be expecting an anti-American post from Stephanie. Of course, the crazy lady sees pretty much anything the Yarn Harlot says as "anti-American", so it'll be intersting to see exactly how she's going to react to the actual post itself. Also, The Stalker's Twitter feed is still a constant stream of crazy.

Secondly, a new group has started up on Ravelry. No, it's not what you think. This time it's the "Politically Incorrect Liberal Freedom Fries". I love their group description (and name) so much! I nearly died laughing the first time I read it. I'm just waiting to see if the Politically Incorrect Conservatives see it and get all butthurt.

Thirdly, pretty much everyone is in agreement that this guy is a troll right? He doesn't do anything but act like a complete dick and annoy everyone. He doesn't even knit, crochet or spin! Maybe we should all start replying to every single one of his douchebag posts with "Have you ever considered taking up knitting?"


  1. That Twitter feed makes me dizzy. All I can think is, "Imagine being one of her therapists. . . or her husband". But, I think she plays it all up and/or just loves the attention. Otherwise, she'd lock everything down.

  2. Hey, so you're talking about me, too!!! How fun! I feel flattered for all the attention! And my Twitter tweets are meant to be funny.

    Come on, admit're obsessed with me, aren't you? Just like the rest of your idiot friends! And like ZantiMissKnit above!


  3. Obsessed, sweetie? Not really. Try mildly amused. I'd be more entertained by your blog if your posts were more coherent and used fewer colors. I've actually stopped reading it, because it gives me a headache.

    I know you really love thinking that everyone gives a shit about what you say, so you keep living in your fantasy world.

  4. I'm so sad that I missed this when it happened.

    I'm only obsessed with The Bitchy Knitter, because I love seeing which of the Rav-Crazies she latches on to!

  5. And she is still twittering about the harlot. It's fairly sad when you really think about it. She spends all this time in therapy yet still is obsessed.

  6. Still Twittering her head off. And making vague comments on her "new" blog. Which is basically the same as her old blog but with her using a different name when answering comments. Crazy is as Crazy does.