Monday, May 17, 2010

Whatever Happened to Lime & Violet

They've flounced from the internet on an epic scale. Their podcasts have gone from iTunes. The Limenviolet Ravelry group has been deleted. The only thing left on their website is a mysterious message and a reference to "death threats". Violet (or Eliza, or whatever she's going by now) also mentions death threats on her blog.

It's all very mysterious. Part of me can't help thinking that it's a pretty good way to go out with a bang. Suggest a bit of juicy drama, and then say nothing and watch people go nuts.

Another part of me can't help thinking that after the epic Intentions Yarn Club drama, it's just karma. But I don't have enough information because they deleted all of it!

If you know anymore, feel free to share in the comments. Help a frustrated bitch out.