Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed!

On my travels around Ravelry today, I discovered this thread.

Yep, that's right. The person who spends all her time on Ravelry making giant biblical tl:dr posts and constantly harasses everyone for not being Christian enough is feeling bullied. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because people are sick of her crap? According to Ranty McCrazypants, it's because they're not Christian enough ( I see a pattern forming here...)

Lapislazuli is not the only one on Ravelry who cries oppression. Since I posted about the PIC group a little while ago, they've gone crying to Casey about the mean libruls and how nasty they are. One in particular has been complaining about how badly she was treated in another group here . What she failed to mentioned was exactly how badly she behaved herself . Again, I wonder why people weren't nice to her?

Not only are they crying on Ravelry, they're still using the comments area of every web page they can find to bitch about the Bunker Idiots being kicked off Ravelry, like here . The Epic Banning happened over a year ago! How can someone maintain that much bitterness for so long? And as ZantiMissKnit has already pointed out, Cat in the comments (aka Atheling) didn't get banned - she left with a flounce of epic proportions. And she flounced because her behaviour was worse than Lapislazuli's and people called her on it.

It's not that people are being bullied or laughed at because they're conservative. There are plenty of conservatives on Ravelry who get along fine. People are being bullied or laughed at because they're acting like assholes. How you treat people is how they treat you back. I only hope they never figure this out, because their wailing and gnashing of teeth makes for some awesome rubbernecking.


  1. Where are your (agree) and (love) buttons so I can click them?

  2. There are times when it is better that I keep my mouth shut. This is one such time.

  3. Was that Atheling? I've been wondering what rock she's hiding under these days.

  4. LL flounced and/or was banned from the James 1:27 group yesterday:

  5. SueBee77 flounced from the Freedom Fries -- I mean FIGHTERS -- of America group, which I believe she founded. Just an FYI.