Friday, March 5, 2010

Going with the obvious one first

You all know what I mean. The Politically Incorrect Conservatives group.

What the fuck is up with them?

The world is a very scary place when you're a Politically Incorrect Conservative. The President is a terrorist/Muslim/socialist/Nazi/egomaniac who hates America and wants to destroy it. He isn't even a natural born citizen! Innocent Americans are having health care reform forced on them when no-one wants it because it will kill their grandmothers and give their tax money to "illegals". The government is constantly stalking you so they can steal your guns, money, children and rights. The only journalists you can trust to tell you truth work for Fox News or World Net Daily. Insightful and intelligent political discourse consists of coming up with as many different ways to turn Barack Obama's name into an insult, and laughing at Michelle Obama's clothes. And those damn liberals don't even care because they've drunk the Kool-Aid and refuse listen to the FACTS!!!

Shit. If I believed all of that, I'd probably be crazy too.

My absolute favourite part about this group isn't the paranoia, or the ranting, or the childish insults of anyone not them. It's the group's description:

No thought police allowed! We exercise our First Amendment rights without political correctness and without liberal trolls engaging in red herrings and false information.

Welcome, conservative Ravelers!

We are a group who loves America, our traditions and culture. We are not a debate group. This group is for conservative thinking members if you are not conservative you will not be happy here! Just use your ignore button or better yet move on. You will be very closely moderated here as our group attracts trouble makers.

We want to exercise our First Amendment rights in peace without lib trolls who live in a world without reality. So if you want to argue in true lib fashion, don’t bother. You’ll be deleted. Our MODs will not PM you prior to deletion or editing. As a matter of fact, lib trolls are NOT welcome here.

Guests are not to begin a new thread in this group unless it is approved by the administrator.

Please do not link to other groups or call out them out by name, posts publicly mocking another Ravelry group will be subject to editing or deletion.

Do not come here to re-educate us to your line of thinking.
You will be promptly escorted to the door and unceremoniously dumped. And we know a troll when we see one.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. They support the right to free speech! As long as you agree with them. Anyone who doesn't is just a troll. 'Cos, you know, they're the only ones who have all the answers and everyone else is deluding themselves. I can't stop laughing at a group who seriously uses "We exercise our First Amendment Rights" in the same paragraph as a detailed descriptions of all the different ways they're going to censor your ass.

And that's what it is, ladies. Censorship. Disagreeing with an opinion isn't censorship, arguing back and forth isn't censorship, pointing out the massive flaws in someone's argument isn't censorship. But deleting everyone who doesn't think exactly the same way as you do is censorship. Don't pretend you're champions of free speech, because I'm not buying it.

The only comforting thing about all of this is that they are clearly in the minority. Of the 663,452 people on Ravelry only 253 are members of that group. That means that most of us are at least partially sane. They're a tiny minority, they know it, and they really hate it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I have nothing nice to say......

Why did I start this blog?

I'm (mostly) a nice person. I'm polite, I say "bless you" when people sneeze, I hold the door open for my co-workers, I always say "please" and "thankyou", I don't speak ill of the dead, I work hard, pay my taxes and love my family. And yet I still have an inner bitch who needs to be let out every now and then.

As you may have guessed from the "Knitter" part of my blog name, I'm on Ravelry. Ravelry is an awesome website, full of talented knitters, crocheters and spinners who I generally like. It's run by wonderful people who have done an amazing job designing a resource for yarnies. However, there are certain groups, forums or threads that make me want to bash my head against a brick wall.

To maintain the peace, there are rules on what you can or can't post on the Ravelry forums. This stops me from posting "You're all a bunch of fucking morons" from time to time when the drama really starts to get to me. Sure, the Rubberneckers provide an outlet for pointing and laughing, but the group has strict rules and is heavily moderated which makes it hard to say how I really feel. The Lazy, Stupid and Godless group would let me swear to my hearts content but they don't like it when you bring in drama from other threads. I could troll threads all over the place, screw the rules and really vent but I like Ravelry and don't want to get myself banned. I could create a sock puppet account and troll anonymously, but that's against the rules as well and I would just get myself banned. I like Ravelry and I don't want to get myself banned or create extra headaches for TPTB.

So here I am.

This blog is about letting my evil bitchy twin out to play, so that for the rest of my online and real life I can continue to be a nice person. Most of it will probably be about Ravelry, but I might be inspired to bitch about other things too. Enjoy! And if you don't like my ranting, feel free to send me hate mail and I'll put it up here to be laughed at.